Consultations of a general doctor and general surgeon

You can turn to our medical center’s experienced doctors with all health problems, whether you speak Estonian, Russian, English or Finnish. We will always help you quickly and as effectively as possible in our area of expertise. If we lack the necessary capacity, we will find further diagnostic or treatment opportunities with a top specialist of a specific subspecialty or in a hospital.


  • We treat complicated and infectious wounds with modern methods and solutions.
  • Here, we perform outpatient mini-surgeries, such as opening superficial collections of pus, resecting ingrown nails, removing benign skin formations, bandaging wounds, removing stitches, etc.
  • We have great experience in the successful complex treatment of chronic prostatitis.
  • We give advice on questions regarding travel medicine and perform necessary vaccinations depending on the possible dangers of the destination.

Local diagnostic options include laboratory studies in total dimension, x-rays and ultrasounds with our contract partners.

For more complex studies, we use the help of Tallinn Diagnostic Center AS’s and East Tallinn Central Hospital AS’s and North Estonia Medical Center AS’s doctors and technology.

Currently, appointments can be made with general surgeon Dr Jaak Tälli.

To book an appointment, please call 610 9434.