Laser therapy is a treament method with pain reducing and anti-inflammatory properties. Laser beams improve blood supply and metabolism in tissues and increase blood oxygen binding capacity. Laser therapy improves postoperative healing process and inhibits fibrosis. Low-frequency magnetic field increases the effect of the laser. The procedure has a strong anti-inflammatory, edema-decreasing, analgesic effect and the immunological and recovery processes of tissues are intensified.

Who prescribes laser treatment courses?

The course is prescribed by a doctor or a physical therapist. Treatment duration depends on the patient’s individual diagnosis. Minimal recommended course duration is 3 procedures, maximal 12 procedures.

– chronic inflammations of joints, muscles and tendons,
– treatment of posttraumatic condition,
– treatment of trophic ulcers and venous inflammations.

Contraindications differ in each case. The main contraindications are related to blood coagulations. Additional contraindications may be:

– malignant tumours and neoplasms,
– blood diseases and circulatory disorders,
– acute infectious diseases,
– pregnancy,
– chronic heart, liver and kidney failure,
– toxic thyroid enlargement,
– decompensated diabetes,
– tuberculosis.

The price for one laser therapy procedure is 8 €.

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