Reception of a sports doctor at Innomedica

To register for an appointment with a sports doctor or a stress test, please call 6419510 or write to 

The fee for a sports doctor’s appointment is 60 €

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Innomedica sports doctors

Anu Kaasik

Anu Kaasik

Receptions: Sõjakooli tn 10

Valeri Kovaljov

Valeri Kovaljov

Receptions: Sõjakooli tn 10

Sports doctors Anu Kaasik and Valeri Kovaljov will be accepted at Forus Sportikeskus, at Sõjakooli tn 10

Forus Sports Center customers can park for FREE in the center’s parking spaces if parking is registered at the parking kiosk located in the center.


When to consult a sports doctor

1. Sports injuries:
Sports medicine doctors help diagnose and treat a variety of sports injuries, including sprains, strains, strains, tendonitis, and fractures. They can recommend appropriate treatments, physical therapy, and rehabilitation programs to help athletes recover from injuries.

2. Joint and muscle pain ries: If you have recurring or chronic joint or muscle pain, a sports doctor may be the right specialist for you. They will assess your symptoms, perform tests, and prescribe appropriate treatments such as medications, physical therapy, or strength training.

3. Overuse diseases: People who participate in sports intensively can develop overuse diseases such as runner’s or jumper’s knee, tendinitis, heel inflammation or stress fractures. Sports physicians can assess the causes of overuse disorders and recommend treatment measures and recovery plans.

4. Nutritional issues: Sports physicians can help athletes optimize their nutrition to ensure adequate nutrient intake and energy needs are met. They can advise on the preparation of a nutritional plan, the use of nutritional supplements and help to find a balanced and individually suitable nutritional strategy.

5. Training programs: Sports doctors can help athletes develop effective training programs that help achieve sports goals and improve physical performance. They can offer training advice, recommend sports improvements and help prevent overuse and injury.

These are just a few examples of complaints that sports doctors deal with. If you have health concerns related to sports or need professional advice on sports-related matters, it is recommended to consult a sports doctor.

To register for an appointment with a sports doctor or a stress test, please
call 6419510 or write to

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If you cancel the appointment, please inform us at least 24 hours before the specified time. If the patient does not come to the appointment and this is not reported, then Innomedica OÜ reserves the right not to serve the patient in the future until the patient pays the fee for the missed appointment according to the current price list.

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