OÜ Innomedica and OÜ Spordiarstid offer young athletes’ sports medical health studies within the Estonian Health Insurance Funds prevention project “Health check of young athletes to prevent health risks related to sports” since April 2014. 

Thanks to the prevention project, all up to 19-year-old (including) youths, who train (and compete) at least 6 academic hours a week in addition to attending physical education class, can get the health check for only the price of a consultation.

* The Health Insurance Fund’s prevention project does not include young athletes training less than 6 academic hours a week, as well as those for who the goal is only to assess physical ability and collect data for training planning. They are to be observed by the family doctor during a regular health check or will be funded for the studies by their sports clubs or parents.


In the guidelines for sports medical health studies, the volume and frequency of the health study is set by training times per one week.

Young athletes
(up to 19 years old)

Volume of studies


Carried out by

6 – 9 training
hours per week (incl. competitions)

One training lesson is 45 minutes

  • appointment with a sports doctor
  • thorough physical examination
  • ECG
  • spirography
  • additional tests according to medical indications
    (ECG stress test)



second year

sports doctor

10 and more 45-minute training hours per week (incl. competitions)

 In addition to the previous:

  • ECG stress test
  • complex study of oxygen consumption*
  • additional tests according to medical indications

a year

sports doctor

*Oxygen comsumption complex study will be performed in young athletes of endurance and strength-endurance sports disciplines (middle-distance and long-distance running, cross-country skiing, biathlon, Nordic combined, speed walking, swimming, cycling sport, decathlon, rowing, kayaking, triathlon, orienteering) whose training volume is more than 8 hours per week or for who it is medically indicated.


  • Please arrive 15 minutes before your booked time.
  • Before coming to the study, please fill out the QUESTIONNAIRE E.K  / QUESTIONNAIRE V.K. Parents should aid the young athletes with answering the questions or fill it out themselves in the case of younger children, since the child or youth may not remember or know everything regarding their health.
  • When coming to the study, any acute illnesses should be over for at least a couple of weeks.
  • On the day of the study, the athlete should not have trained prior to the study and heavy training should be avoided the day before as well, since it will disturb the objective assessment of health status.
  • Referral is not needed for the health studies of a young athlete.
  • Basic and additional studies (in the case of medical indication) are free for the young athletes.
  • The young athlete must have identification (e.g., ID-card, student card, passport) with them when coming to the study.
  • If the previous health check took place in a different treatment facility, please take that health check’s protocol with you (if you have it).

If a stress test is planned, the young athlete, in addition to the previously described points, must:

  • eat 2-3 hours prior to the study;
  • drink enough fluids;
  • not drink coffee or strong tea on the day of the study, alcohol must not be consumed within twenty-four hours prior to the study.

When coming to the stress test, the athletes must have with them:

  • document with personal identification code,
  • filled out questionnaire,
  • sports clothes and clean sporting shoes,
  • things for washing up and a towel,
  • drink (water, sporting beverage).

Health Insurance Fund’s young athletes’ health study consultation fee is 5 €.
Price of the health check outside the Insurance Fund’s contract depends on studies needed (45 – 92 €).

More information: http://www.kliinikum.ee/noorsportlasele/

If you are older than 19 years ->https://innomedica.ee/en/Sports

Health checks of young athletes are carried out by:
– Anu Kaasik
– Valeri Kovaljov

at Sõjakooli street 10, FORUS Center, I floor.

To book an appointment, please call the number 641 9510 or send an email to sport@innomedica.ee
Please add the child’s personal identification code, phone number, sporting discipline, training hours and name of the sports club.



Estonian Health Insurance Fund’s home page: www.haigekassa.ee

Health Boards home page: www.terviseamet.ee

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